Glenn Carle provided a sweeping, tour de force presentation on post-9/11 US military and intelligence operations to my undergraduate seminar on the U.S and the Middle East.  He drew on his decades of experience and expertise to provide my students with a critical assessment of US policy in the Middle East and how we can learn lessons from the few successes and the many failures of American efforts to “win hearts and minds” and to defeat those who clearly mean us harm.  I have had numerous guest speakers in my classes over many years; Glenn’s talk with my students is the only one that ended with a standing ovation.  My students loved his talk; they valued his insights; and they clamored for more.  He will be back!  
Denis J. Sullivan Professor of Political Science & International Affairs Co-Director, Middle East Center Northeastern University & Director, Boston Consortium for Arab Region Studies (A Carnegie Corporation project)
I've invited Mr. Carle to speak to midshipmen at the US Naval Academy multiple times, both in large and small settings. His story about interrogating the supposed "number 4" in the al Qaeda hierarchy, a man Carle determined to be innocent, is fascinating and harrowing. This is a story I feel every American should hear. Mr. Carle has also spoken about the life of an intelligence officer, insightfully and honestly analyzing the practice of spycraft and freely sharing of his own experiences. Mr. Carle is a dynamic, engaging, and passionate speaker, who kept my students on the edge of their chairs for the 75 minutes class period. During the evening lecture, students packed the lecture hall, sitting in the aisles and standing in the back to hear Mr. Carle. It's an indication of Mr. Carle's magnetism that not a student budged after the standard 45 minutes for an evening lecture had lapsed and many ended up staying an extra two hours to ask questions.
Michael Skerker, Associate Professor Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law U.S. Naval Academy